Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The True Legacy of the Olympics

Piece in today's Guardian on the true legacy of London 2012.

New edition of Ground Control, with a new chapter on the Olympics, published by Penguin tomorrow


  1. I found this fascinating and look forward to reading the book. Are you aware of the wholesale privatisation of school grounds through the academisation of schools? Public LA land is taken out of public ownership for 125 years. I have been unable to calculate how much this is to date, but to date nearly 1500 state schools, mainly secondary, have opted to become publicly-funded private academies run by self-perpetuating trusts. I have written a brief article on this for Land Magazine but it is as yet unpublished.

    Nigel Gann

  2. Hi Anna, I've just read the response column published in relation to this. Are you going to write something in response to your critics? It's interesting, as I didn't notice this sort of response to the first edition of your book.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I did write a response for the Independent, which they used to challenge similar, misleading, complaints from the Olympic Park Legacy Company. It wasn't for publication, but I will publish it on the blog. The reason for the response is, I think simply the high profile nature of the Olympic development. Key point to note is that the Legacy Company refused to debate these points with me on the Today programme.

    Cheers, Anna