Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Right to protest: Guardian comment and BBC debate

The High Court's decision that the Corporation of London could evict the Occupy protestors around St Paul's in 'defence of the public highway' created a fair bit of news interest around the curtailment of the right to protest. I wrote this piece for The Guardian, about the irony od the Corporation fighting its case in defence of the public highway, when in fact the City of London has presided over the closure of hundreds of public highways and rights of way as privately owned estates took over the City over the last decade.

BBC1's The Big Questions picked it up on Sunday and hosted a good debate, where I put forward these points, alongside Alastair Campbell who seemed surprisingly positive about Occupy, posing for pictures with the protestors afterwards.

On Thursday the new edition of Ground Control, with a new chapter on the Olympics, will be published so watch this space.

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